10 Tips for a Successful Interstate Move

10 Tips for a Successful Interstate Move

An interstate move can be an exhilarating experience but also an overwhelming and stressful task. Whether you’re moving across the country for a new job, to be closer to family, or just for a change of scenery, planning and preparing carefully to ensure a successful and stress-free relocation is essential.  Planning, decluttering, labeling your belongings, […]

How to pack for Moving

Learn from the professional movers how to pack your vases, glassware, valuables and furniture. See How to pack for Moving videos below.

Short Haul

Between long-distance moving and local moving, there’s a gray area called short hauls. Short hauls are generally within about 450 miles from pickup to delivery location. In California, that might mean you are moving from San Francisco to Los Angeles, moving from San Francisco to San Diego, or even moving from San Francisco to Portland. […]

How To Hire a Moving Company

Hiring Moving Company: I remember the first move from my parent’s home to an apartment. Okay that was an easy one, even after college, another easy move. After college one starts to accumulate furniture, home décor, kitchenware, bath etc. Now we’re talking about getting help to move. Usually we call our friends, or hire a […]

Moving From Los Angeles to San Francisco

We admit, we’re a little biased. At Fairprice Movers, we love California. We love that we’re never more than a few hours away from the ocean, lush farmland, mountains, giant redwoods and sequoia, and of course, wine country. During the winter, we can ski and surf in the same day, if we have the energy. […]

Moving to San Diego from San Jose

Make your residential or commercial moving to San Diego from San Jose simple and stress-free by choosing the moving company capable of streamlined and simplified moving solutions. For your move from San Jose to San Diego, consider the moving services provided for by the professionals at Fairprice Movers. We have made it our goal to […]

San Francisco to New York Moving Services

Are You Moving to New York, NY from San Francisco, CA? Fairprice Movers helps reduce your anxiety and makes your Moving to New York from San Francisco simple and hassle-free and let you focus on your new opportunity in New York. With Fairprice Movers your will have confidence that you’re in good hands. Whether you […]

101 Things To Throw Before You Move

Have you had a difficult time having trouble with the pre-move purge? We’re here to give you the things to throw before you move. No matter if you’re trying to reduce your space or get rid of your clutter, There are plenty of excellent reasons to cut down your clutter to half before moving. Moving less […]

How Much Does It Cost To Move?

When moving locally, how much does it cost to move? First, let’s define what a local move is. Any move within a 50-mile radius is considered local. If it is more than a 50-mile radius, it is considered a long-distance move, even if it is in the same state. Hiring a local moving company in San Jose, […]

San Jose Movers: What You Need To Know

In addition to providing a list of my favorite San Jose moving companies, I also want to share some important information that you should know as a consumer. It’s crucial that you educate yourself on the moving industry and what you need to know as a resident of San Jose and the Bay area. What […]

How To Tell The Difference Between A Good Moving Company And A Bad One

Every once in a while, a terrifying story hits the news where people’s goods were held hostage by a moving company or of the FBI raiding a moving company’s offices. How do you find a good moving company? Of course, these are worst case scenarios and most moving companies act within the law. Still, a […]