The most expensive and least expensive homes in top 10 moving destinations

This last year or so has been crazy for the real estate market, and in turn, the moving industry. At Fairprice Moving, we’ve moved people throughout California and Pennsylvania, but we also moved hundreds of people out of our home states. It seems we weren’t alone. In 2020, a near record number of people moved, and a […]

The 10 best states to move to

It’s not clickbait to say that the top one will surprise you. The real estate market is going bananas (the technical word, we’re guessing) right now. States across the country are seeing bidding wars in both urban locations and rural. Nationwide, housing prices have risen more than 35 percent over the last year. San Mateo […]

How to get your security deposit back

If you live in a rental, there’s a very good chance your lease required at least one month’s, if not two months’ rent as a security deposit before your landlord allowed you to move in. With Bay Area property rents climbing as high as $3,500 a month, getting that security deposit back could help renters […]

Why You Should Always Hire a Professional Mover

I grew up in Colorado, which at the time was all about rugged independence. The idea of hiring professional movers was almost unheard of, especially for local moves. Then I moved to New York, a city whose unofficial motto seemed to be “why do it yourself when you can pay someone to do it?” Now […]

What is Double Drive Time and Why Do I Have To Pay It?

If you are moving anywhere within the state of California, you might be hearing about a strange charge that will show up on your moving bill. The charge is called double drive time. If you’re confused about moving double drive time (and most people are), let us clarify. Why double drive time? The metropolitan areas […]

Should You Buy Moving Insurance With Your Move?

One of the most misunderstood aspects of any move is moving insurance. Does a moving company offer full value protection or should you buy third party insurance? Here is everything you need to know about moving insurance. Does a moving company offer free moving insurance? Logically, you might think that a moving company insures every […]

People Are Leaving San Francisco – What Are The Top Moving Destinations?

Image of Florida beach at sunset via Pixabay For years, San Francisco has had the honor of one of our top moving destinations. People are still moving to San Francisco, but one of the weirdest side effects of the COVID-19 virus is that it’s turned the moving industry upside down. We get why San Francisco has been one of […]

Is there Really an Exodus of People Moving Out of California?

There are a lot of people talking about the mass long-distance moving exodus out of California. The theory is that between business regulations, the wild fires, escalating home prices and the increase in remote working because of COVID, people are leaving in droves. While it is true that Fairprice Movers’ long-distance moving division is busier […]

How To De-Stress During Your Move

We moved into our house five years ago. The idea of moving again is about the least appealing thing in the world, and I work for a company that can do almost everything for me! Moving is stressful. Even when Fairprice Movers packs everything for you and unpacks you at your new place, there’s a sense of […]

Why Hiring Movers Can Reduce Stress!

Hiring movers can reduce stress! It’s true! Why leave one of the biggest life events up to chance?! Hiring professional, licensed and insured movers like Fairprice Movers Inc. in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose, Fremont, Pleasanton, and beyond, will be one of the best choices you could make for your big day! Professional […]

How To Unpack If You’re A Germaphobe

We hear a lot in recent weeks about how to keep your home safe from intruders, and we aren’t talking about the two legged kind. We’ve been hit by a viral pandemic, and the whole world is rightfully concerned about how to keep the virus out of their home. If you are reading this after […]