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Why should  Fairprice Sacramento Movers be the top choice for anyone looking to move to a new office or home in Sacramento, California? We are proud to have served thousands of families in Sacramento and continue to do so with utmost dedication and professionalism. At Fairprice Movers, we provide a total end-to-end solution right from packing to safely transporting everything to your new home. Our target is to make sure you experience the fun of moving without having to endure any of the stress. Our experts have undergone specialized training and have years of experience in the field. This is why you can trust us to pack and transport your valuable items safely and swiftly to your new address

Why Choose Fairprice Movers over any other moving company?

As far as moving companies goes there are more than a few options in Sacramento. While there are some good companies out there, no one come in with our degree of experience, professionalism, and dedication. Here are four reasons why Fairprice Movers is the top choice, when looking for a moving company in Sacramento.

Affordable Rates – No Hidden Costs

Fairprice Movers Sacramento

Following up on the promise our brand name makes, we ensure our customers are never over charged for any service. We conduct an on-location inspection before every move and provide the most accurate estimate. Our experts also go that extra length in breaking down the estimate to make it easy for the customers. Once the move is complete, we ensure that the final bill is free from any hidden charges. At Fairprice Movers, we pride on keeping things transparent and easy for our customers.

Full Packing Assistance

One of the reasons moving can be so stressful is the endless hours of packing customers are forced to do. This is exactly why at Fairprice Movers we offer

Full Packing service. When you opt for this service, we take all of the packing chores out of your hand and take it into ours. All you have to do is relax and watch us pack and then load everything from the tiniest pencil to all the electronics and furniture in your home. We bring along all the packing materials required for the job including boxes, tapes, wraps, bubble wraps, and an assortment of other packing items.


Our moving guys are more than just labors lending a helping hand. Most of them have years of moving experience under their belt and can predict a problem before it actually happens. Their expert packing and transporting skills ensure that all the goods transported reach the destination without any damage.

Unbeatable Customer Service Record

We are one of the highest rated moving companies in Sacramento and have loads of positive reviews on several online listing sites including the most trusted Yelp.com.

Right from taking the first call to unpacking the last item in your new home, we handle everything professionally. Our primary concern is to keep your valuable items safe as well as making sure you and your loved ones remain comfortable throughout the moving process.