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Do Household Goods Movers Move Plants?

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For some, they’re merely decoration, disposable. For others, they are almost a part of the family. Nearly everyone has plants, but when moving, they face a tough choice, move them or leave them behind. Can a mover help you with that decision? Can a household goods mover transport plants? The answer is a bit more complicated than you might think.

If you are moving locally, which is essentially defined as anything within about 50 miles, movers can transport your plants, but you might not want them to. If you are moving long-distance, and especially if your move crosses state lines, you definitely don’t want to leave your greenery in the hands of movers. More on that in a bit.

Before we dive more specifically into how movers move your plants, let’s talk a bit about preparing your plants for a move.

Preparing to Move Plants

When you move your plants from one window to another, it goes into a temporary state of shock. Imagine what happens to your plants when you move them to an entirely different household and outdoor climate? It can be tough on them. There are things you can do to prepare them, though.

A few weeks before your move, you should repot your plants into non-breakable pots, such as plastic. Pack your breakable pots in boxes. Then, prune your plants revealing only the healthy older growth. Remove dead leaves and the fragile newer growth.

About a week before the move, check your plants for insects and fungi. If you find some, leave those plants behind. Water your plants a couple of days before the move, but be careful not to overwater them. They could freeze.

On moving day, loosely wrap your plants in sheets to protect the leaves. Line boxes with cloth or paper and gently set the plants inside, one per box. Stuff the boxes with paper so the plants can’t move around.

Local Moves

If you are moving locally, the movers CAN transport your plants, but if you are able to, it’s always better if they go with you.

Long-Distance Moves

If you are moving long distance (currently unavailable service), or if your move will take more than one day, the movers cannot move your greenery. Most moving trucks’ cargo areas are not climate controlled, and you can’t stack on top of plants, meaning your items will take up a lot more room, and could potentially be much more costly. Also, many states have strict laws regulating what sort of plants can brought into the state. California is one such state.

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