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Everything You Need To Know About Shipping Cars

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If you’re moving across country, there’s a good chance you’re debating whether to fly or drive. Or perhaps there are two cars in your family, and you want the whole family to ride together. Should you ship your car(s), or should you drive them? It depends on your priorities. Ask yourself these questions:

Do You Need Your Car(s) Right Away?

If you need your car immediately after arriving at your new home, car transport isn’t for you. Car transport can take days to weeks.

Do You Need To Get To Your New Hometown Immediately?

If, on the other hand, you need to start a new job, or arrive at your new home right after everything is packed up and moved out, than maybe car transport is for you. If you are driving across country, it can take days.

What’s The Weather Like?

If you live in California, you may not be used to driving in snow ice. Even people who are used to driving in snow and ice generally hate it. Not only that, it can be dangerous, especially if you have children screaming from the backseat.

How Is Your Budget?

This one might be a little tricky. In general, it costs in the neighborhood of $1,000 to move an operable car. That sounds like a lot, but think about the cost of gasoline and wear and tear on your car if you were to drive it.

What Kind Of Car Do You Have?

Does your car run?

If your car doesn’t run, you’re pretty much limited to a car transport. It will cost you more, though, because they’ll need extra equipment to load it on and off the truck.

Is your car worth less than the cost of moving it?

You might not want to move it at all.

Is your car valuable?

If you have a luxury or vintage car, remember that there are many hazards on the roads, including rocks and pebbles that damage paint jobs. You might consider transporting your car in an enclosed car carrier. It will cost considerably more, but it will protect your car from the elements.

Featured image via Pixabay

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