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Fairprice Movers Teams Up To Raise Money For Gilroy Shooting Victims

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Every year on the last weekend in July, Gilroy, California hosts the world famous Gilroy Garlic Festival. The event is packed with celebrities and garlicky foods, including things we don’t generally associate with garlic, such as ice cream and cheese cake.

This year, though, on the festival’s 41st anniversary, senseless violence hit, causing an abrupt and tragic end to the event. A gunman murdered three people and wounded 17 more. At Fairprice Movers, as with the rest of the Bay Area, our hearts break for the victims and their families. That’s why we teamed up with Platinum Chiropractic in Santa Clara, where we matched all the money raised in a fundraiser and Qi Gong workshop hosted by Nick Loffree.

Translated, “Qi” means “subtle breath,” and “Gong” means “vital energy.” In practice, Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese practice that integrates movement, posture, breathing techniques, sound, self massage, and focus as a holistic health approach. Qi Gong practitioners see the mind and the body as one, and the art emphasizes whole body health. 

Qigong opens the flow of energy in meridians used in acupuncture and Chinese medicine. It enhances our ability to feel the Life Force underlying the physical world and to deepen our communication with it.

Physically, slow gentle qigong movements warm tendons, ligaments, and muscles; tonify vital organs and connective tissue; and promote circulation of body fluids (blood, synovial, lymph). Thousands of studies have shown qigong effective in helping to heal life challenges ranging from high blood pressure and chronic illness to emotional frustration, mental stress, and spiritual crisis.

Source: National Qi Gong Association

Thanks to Loffree and the good people at Platinum Chiropractic, $300 was raised at the workshop. Fairprice Movers matched all donations, bringing the total to $600.

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