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How to Choose the Right Moving Companies in San Francisco

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There are many moving companies San Francisco. But the job of finding a trustworthy moving company to deliver your precious cargo safely is not an easy job.

To choose the right moving companies in San Francisco and not be taken for a ride by a rogue company, there are certain guidelines that should be kept in mind. Below are some of the factors you should consider.

Visit the Websites of Various Companies

Websites are a great place to start your hunt for a good moving company as you can get the basic information of the services they provide. You can learn about the destinations covered, their history and background, their basic charges, and contact information. After jotting down the companies that fit your criteria, visit the company in person, if possible, to ensure the company is what it promises to be. It would be best to check a few moving companies closer to your location in San Francisco before making a decision.

Procure In-Home Estimates

After narrowing down on a few companies based locally, obtain an in-home estimate from them. Most genuine companies are willing to visit the site. It is vital that the moving company has a look at what needs to be moved and sees the inventory in person because over the phone you might miss a few items or the company might be unable to get an exact idea. The company can give an accurate quotation after seeing the inventory instead of haggling later if they do not see the items to be moved in person. This saves cost and time at the time of moving.

When the movers visit your house get all the queries you may have answered satisfactorily and learn your rights and responsibilities which are normally handed out by the moving companies. Also ensure that the company will be moving your belongings themselves and not hire another sub-contractor without your knowledge.

Background Check of the Moving Company

Ask neighbors or acquaintances about the moving company’s you wish to zero down on track record. Find out if the company has its own trucks to move your belongings and it has been in business for at least a few years. Apart from getting references find out the following information about the company:

  • DBA name and full company name
  • MC and DOT license numbers
  • Company address
  • Email address and website address
  • Phone numbers

Carry out a scam check to learn if the company has been involved in scams or has got warnings; this step is essential. Better Business Bureau will give information on reports or grievances filed against the company. Another helpful site, especially for Los Angeles residents including San Francisco is which can provide good information and feedback.

Check for License and Insurance

A moving company’s license is an important thing to be checked. If a company is moving interstate it should possess a license from the federal government and have a U.S Department of Transportation (DOT) number. The motor carrier license information also needs to be procured.

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