How to Hire a Moving Company

Hiring Moving Company: I remember the first move from my parent’s home to an apartment. Okay that was an easy one, even after college, another easy move.

After college one starts to accumulate furniture, home décor, kitchenware, bath etc. Now we’re talking about getting help to move. Usually we call our friends, or hire a day laborer, rent a truck and a heavy duty dolly and other equipment you might need. Now the moving budget starts to add up, plus the time and energy it takes to make the move. Obviously you need to balance the cost and time of hiring professional movers like Fairprice Movers or do it yourself.

Once you’re married you just doubled, at minimum, the amount of stuff you have. Moving can be a burden on your relationship, time, breakage and nerves.  The solution is to hire a professional mover.

Picking the right moving company can be time consuming. To eliminate the hype go right to the important questions. Ask for proof and verify insurance and or bond. Ask for referrals. Don’t rely on review web sites, competitors will write bad reviews or hire marketing companies to do this. I have found this to be a common practice.

How to Hire a Moving Company

Moving company prices vary by the area you live in, number of rooms, sometimes square footage, destination and degree of difficulty. For example if you’re moving from a multi floor or high rise to similar you may get a little price bump for that.

Make sure you are thorough in explaining, to your moving company, all the parameters. Create an inventory list with everything on it. Pack import papers, jewelry and valuables yourself. Ask for a written cost with the exact cost, no contingences. Lastly meet the mover in person.

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Article by Ron Arciaga