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How Your Friends Can Help You Move Without Any Heavy Lifting

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When you were college-aged, moving was a group endeavor. You either had a friend with a truck, or you rented a truck. You bought some beer and pizza and had every friend that was free lend a hand. Fast forward a decade or more, and about the last thing your friends want to do is haul furniture for you. That doesn’t mean your friends don’t want to help. Here are ways you can engage your friends without any heavy lifting.

Research Movers

We all have that one friend who lives to research (I’m that friend in my circle). People like me are pleased to offer our research skills checking Yelp reviews and even calling a few companies to set up onsite estimates, if the move is big enough.

Research the New Area

If you are the researcher, you can help research the new area. Help your friends find new doctors, day care, dog walkers, etc.

Help With Paperwork

If you are a very close trusted friend, you can help with some address changes, school registrations, etc. I say close trusted friend because if you do things online, it will require passwords.

Help Pack

This may be the most obvious way to help, but if your friends have a lot of packing to do, I’m sure they’d appreciate a hand. Even a few boxes can make a big dent.

Bring Food

When people are in the midst of moving, often that last thing they want to do is cook and dirty some dishes. Bringing food will help them more than you know. Also, bringing food and drinks for the movers will be a big help.

Help Clean

After the move, there will be some cleaning. Help your friends clean their old place, if you can.

Featured image CC 4.0 via Fantastic Removals

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