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Six Reasons You Shouldn’t Pack With Used Boxes

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Moving is a little like juggling. It is time consuming, and between paying down payments, security deposits, and the movers, it can be costly. It can be a struggle to find the way to save money without running yourself ragged. That’s not the only thing you should think about though. You’ll need to protect your health during the move.

Most experts would remind you to drink plenty of water, eat right, get lots of sleep, and take some time to unwind and recharge. All of that is fantastic advice, but experts overlook one item that many people bring into their house that could make them sick: used boxes.

We get it. New moving boxes aren’t cheap. Used ones, though can come with any variety of contaminants.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are by nature stowaways. You likely don’t have any in your house now, but who’s to say that the last person who used those boxes didn’t? Just a couple of errant bed bugs can start an infestation.

Oil Stains

If you do happen to buy or borrow used boxes, check very thoroughly for dark spots. It could be oil. Even if you don’t smell anything or you hands look fine, if the boxes sit very long on your floor, oil could seep through.

Viruses and Bacteria

Some viruses and bacteria can live in cardboard. Avoid boxes that have had organic matter, such as meat or produce. You can use boxes that held items like cans and plastic wrapped non-perishables, but then you could run into other problems.


Used boxes often have rips and weak spots you might not be able to detect upon first inspection. If the box ever got wet, or even damp, it might not be able to hold heavy items.

A Lot of Running Around

While used boxes might save you money, they are going to cost you time. It’s unlikely that your neighbor will have the exact number of boxes you need. It could take several trips to stores to find enough boxes.

The Wrong Boxes

Each moving box has specific uses. Small boxes are for heavy items, the biggest boxes are for light but bulky items, and most everything else goes somewhere in the middle. It would be nearly impossible to find the right used boxes for your unique move.

Before you think we’re trying to get you to spend more money, know that we’re here to help you. We will be happy to deliver you brand new boxes at no additional charge, and we’ll even give you packing tips. Think of the time and gas savings in not having to make multiple trips to pick up used boxes. If you are still looking for ways to save money, here are some tips most movers won’t tell you.

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