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If you are in the tech industry, there’s a good chance you work in Sunnyvale, home to a Google campus, Apple, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Nokia, and many other tech leaders. Apple’s co-founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, lived in Sunnyvale. Sunnyvale even claims a Nobel Laureate, Andrew Fire.

It’s hard to beat Sunnyvale as a place to live. It’s consistently ranked among the safest cities of its size in the country, and often among the safest cities, period.

Sunnyvale resident don’t generally get a lot of time off, but when they do, they peruse the farmer’s market, or stroll in Las Palmas Park or along the Bay Trail. There are many restaurants and shops in Sunnyvale’s downtown area. If you’re a computer history buff, visit WeirdStuff Warehouse, where you can find gadgets, parts, etc. for computers old and new.

Sunnyvale, like the rest of Silicon Valley, is filled with young, dynamic people. They move a lot, so they know what they want and how to get it. That’s why FairPrice Movers has long been a Sunnyvale favorite. We know Sunnyvale, and they know us.

Sunnyvale residents know their time is worth money. For most, it’s more cost effective to let us do the packing, the unpacking, and of course, the heavy lifting. FairPrice Movers specializes in moving art, antiques, pianos, and other things of value.

Sunnyvale Movers

Think of FairPrice Movers as your moving consultant. We will help you create a customized package to suit just your needs. If your goal is to save money, we’ll give you packing tips, and we offer free delivery of packing materials.

Let us move you across the state, or across the country. We make regular trips up and down the West Coast. If you are staging your home before selling, or if you aren’t quite ready to move into your new place, our storage facilities are clean and secure. Our storage is comparably priced to most self-serve storage facilities, but without all the work and the hassle.

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