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What To Do Right Before The Move Is Done

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Moving day is exhausting. Once you’re out of your old home, you still have half the move left, delivery to your new place. The good news is that the most time consuming part is behind you. The bad news is, you still have some work ahead of you. Here’s what you should do before the move is done:


You should rush ahead of the movers, so you can spend some time cleaning up before the movers arrive. You don’t want to put your furniture down on dirty floors, so sweep, vacuum, and if necessary, wash the floor. If the movers are unpacking for you, make sure the cupboards and drawers are clean.

Decide Where You Want To Put Everything

It will save you a lot of time if you decide where everything goes before the movers deliver. That includes boxes. You probably won’t unpack (unless the movers do it) on moving day, but it sure does come in handy to have the boxes in the right rooms.

Make a List Before and After the Move

This part should actually start before the move. Label and catalogue each box. Check everything off the list as it’s delivered. Make sure you label your necessities clearly. Toiletries, , coffee maker and coffee, linens, pillows, pajamas, and the next days clothing should be put somewhere where it won’t get mixed up with non-essential boxes.

Make the Bed

Make your bed the moment it’s delivered. You’ll thank us for the advice at the end of your very long day, when you can slide into your freshly made bed.

Send the Movers Home

When their job is done, you’ll have just a bit of paperwork to do, then it will be time to pay the movers, and the house will be yours. Whether or not to tip the movers is all up to you, but tips are always appreciated. $5.00 per mover per hour is a good guidepost.

Take a Walk

Take a half hour or so to get to know your new neighborhood, and even your new neighbors. You’ve probably seen it during the day, but what is it like at night?

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