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101 Things To Throw Before You Move

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Have you had a difficult time having trouble with the pre-move purge? We’re here to give you the things to throw before you move. No matter if you’re trying to reduce your space or get rid of your clutter, There are plenty of excellent reasons to cut down your clutter to half before moving.

Moving less clutter means a simpler and less expensive event for the moving person. You won’t need to spend all that time unpacking, and you can skip renting a storage space. As you begin packing, ensure that you get rid of these items before your leave.

101 Things To Throw Before You Move

Moving is expensive and exhausting. However, there are methods to make the process more manageable. You can utilize apps to assist you in keeping track of your belongings and locating the most affordable rates for moving. You can lease plastic bins that are recyclable instead of accumulating cardboard boxes. However, the most important thing is that you’ll save yourself the hassle by reducing the number of things you need to carry around.

Mugs of coffee that are a mess

It’s good that moving can bring an opportunity to start over with a fresh kitchen without the mess of half-chipped mugs that weigh you down. However, if your kitchen cabinets are filled with many mugs for coffee, You’re not alone! Many people habitually collect too many cups on vacation or in airports. If you’re among these individuals, we suggest you get rid of the mugs you don’t require by donating them to charity or throwing them away responsibly.

You’ve worn clothes that you’ve never worn in many.

Look around your closet. If you’re with the ghosts of your fashion history, it’s time to conduct a serious elimination. Although removing clothes and accessories that are no longer in use can be a complex and lengthy procedure, it’s the most effective method to reduce clutter (and costs associated with moving).

Be sure to keep these questions in your head. What did you wear this past year? Are you still in fashion? Does it work? Does it fit? If you can answer with a clear “no,” ditch the garment before the removal.

If you can’t find the time to pack, check out our packing services in San Jose.

Old decorative pillows

One simple method to reduce clutter is to get rid of your large decorative pillows collection. Over time many homeowners accumulate cheap throw pillows at stores. If you’re planning to keep a different decor and color scheme for your new home, take your old cushions out to make room for new ones before the relocation. Donation sites such as Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore and Goodwill are happy to accept pillows in good condition.

Unwanted DVDs and CDs

If your shelves and drawers are stuffed with old CDs and DVDs, it’s time to get rid of these old objects. If you get rid of any DVDs or CDs, you’ll have room for things you’ll utilize in the future. Films, TV shows, and music can be streamed with one button. Your collection will only serve a purpose when you move into your new house. To dispose of your old CDs and DVDs, we suggest selling them to an online retailer and giving them away or organizing an open-air garage sale.

Old paint

If you don’t plan to leave a container or two for new homeowners, you’ll have to get rid of everything before the removal properly. Unfortunately, many donation sites don’t take hazardous items like propane tanks, aerosols, and (of course) paint.

Many local curbside garbage programs will not accept or take away the paint you have used up. Therefore, the best method to safely dispose of old paint is to bring them to a local collection or drop-off location for dangerous and chemical-containing products.

While many of them might be taken with you when you move, some dusty books must be thrown away. Books that no longer serve an essential function in your current life or at your new residence are best donated to charity or sold before moving.

Expired medication

If your medicine cabinets in the bathroom are overflowing with prescriptions for old or expired medications, I suggest throwing them away at the earliest time possible. To dispose of medicines properly to be able to dispose of them properly, the FDA suggests first looking to determine if the medication is accepted by an organized local drug “take-back” program. If there isn’t it is, the FDA offers guidelines on how to dispose of meds or flush them into the toilet properly.

Leftover food

First, if you’re not moving close and can carry an air-tight cooler, the perishable food items in your freezer and refrigerator are best left out. It includes leftover milk as well as fruits and vegetables. Non-perishable items, like pasta, canned goods, and rice, can be packed up for the moving.

Children’s toys that aren’t used

Are you overwhelmed by toys for kids? From the range of LEGO toys and sets to toys for stuffed animals and Hot Wheels, your child’s toys will fill your home before you realize it. If your child is outgrowing an item or has stopped playing with it, recommend donating toys to the local church or charity group. These groups can place toys into the hands of uninvolved families. You could also offer them through Freecycle as well as Craigslist.

Electronics that are out of date

In the modern world of connectivity, it’s commonplace to have a lot of unused electronic devices. From outdated iPhones and iPads to old laptops and chargers, There’s no telling what’s in cabinets in someone’s home. 

When you are moving to a new home, take a look at all of your electronic devices. It helps determine if the device is functioning correctly and up-to-date and is essential to your new residence. If your electronic devices were purchased less than five years ago and are in good condition, You can donate them to a non-profit organization such as Habitat for Humanity.

Old bathing products for bathing

From empty shampoo bottles to old hand lotions from five years ago, It’s time to throw away the old bathing products. Throw away anything that is expired or no longer needs to use. Check out the makeup products you have discarded, including soaps and washcloths.

Furniture from the past

If you’re looking to downsize or adopt a minimal approach and want to remove furniture, you don’t use it out to get disposed of. Instead, dispose of furniture that isn’t needed to ensure that your new home is cluttered with old chairs, couches, and desks.

Consider having neighborhood Habitat for Humanity pick up furniture stored in your home or host an auction at your garage to sell things in good condition.


After you’ve cleared everything you don’t need items, old and unneeded, you’ll have to begin planning the actual move that follows. To help you find the perfect San Jose movers for the job, look at Fairprice Movers. We have trustworthy movers that are all certified and insured.

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