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The Best Long-Term Climate Controlled Storage Services

When it comes to storage of valuable items, most people are not aware of the various kinds of risk factors that can lead to property damage. However, some are aware of the need for security and maintaining an even temperature. Most items when stored can maintain their quality without being affected by changes in weather, and in particular humidity and temperature. However, when items are stored for excessive periods of time, they can be affected by adverse changes in temperature and humidity.

At Fairprice Movers, we value your property and belongings which is why we offer state-of-the-art and highly professional services when it comes to long-term storage solutions. Our climate controlled storage services can provide protection to your valuable items ensuring maximum protection to your artwork, fabrics, electronics, furniture, documents and other properties that our clients highly regard.

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Safe From The Outside

Along with highly qualified and specialized staff, our storage facilities are equipped with the best equipment (fans, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, heaters, and ventilators) to ensure that your property will not be affected by adverse weather conditions.

Sun Damage Protection

Our containers and vaults are designed to be able to withstand long hours of sunlight experienced during summer. This ensures that your valuables are not exposed to sunlight that can lead to sunlight bleaching particularly in the case of leather, wood or textiles. Apart from that, we will ensure that your valuables are well protected from all kinds of bugs that tend to forage for food or build nests inside storage containers.

Humidity Protection

The extreme summer temperatures combined with high humidity can often create conditions suitable for mold and mildew that can adversely affect furniture, documents, and textiles. Apart from that, it can also lead to rust. As a result, we have installed the best climate control equipment. This will ensure that your valuables are kept in optimum conditions (evenly regulated temperature and humidity) so that they are kept damage free over extended periods of storage.

Extreme Weather Protection

Our containers and vaults are water tight. This will ensure that whatever our clients may wish to store in our facilities are well protected against the wind, rain (sideways and torrential), and floods.

Theft Protection

We have installed the latest security technology to ensure that all items stored with us are well protected against all forms of theft and vandalism. All our storage units are under 24-hour surveillance to ensure maximum security for our clients’ valuables.

Fairprice Movers is the place to go for your long-term storage needs. Our on-grounds staff are always monitoring the temperatures and humidity to ensure optimum climate control. We are readily available, and we will assist you all the way right from moving your items from your office/home to our facilities. The entire process from transportation to storage is always clean and 100% climate controlled. For highly sensitive items, our customer care service team will coordinate with our clients to ensure maximum care and protection during pickup and delivery.

At the end of the day, we want to ensure that our clients get the very best. You can call us at (877) 576-8882 to receive your free quotation.

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