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In your 20s, moving pretty much always looks the same. You gather up a few friends, buy some beer and pizza, and rent a truck. At the end of a grueling day, your furniture might be a little banged up, but in your 20s, that’s okay.

Fast forward a few years, and times have changed. You may or may not own your own home, but your furniture and possessions have received an upgrade. You might be in great shape, but do you really want to haul 1000s of pounds of furniture? It’s time to move like an adult, and that’s where Fairprice Movers comes in.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our list of frequently asked questions that we have received from valued customers.

What should I consider when choosing a local mover?

Answer: When looking for a local mover, you should consider the company's reputation, insurance coverage, and the quality of services they provide. Additionally, you should ask for a detailed estimate in writing before deciding on any particular mover.

How do I find reliable local movers?

Answer: It is essential to research movers online before making a decision. Read customer reviews and compare quotes from different companies to determine which mover is most reliable and best suited for your needs.

Are local movers insured?

Answer: Most reputable local moving companies are insured with workers’ compensation and liability insurance covering potential damages to your items during transit. It is essential to verify this coverage with each mover before committing to hiring them.

What questions should I ask my local mover?

Answer: Before hiring a local mover, you should inquire about their fees, insurance policy, estimated completion time, and other stipulations, such as additional charges for stairs or long-distance moving services.

How much does it cost to hire a local mover?

Answer: The cost of hiring a local mover will vary depending on the size of your move and the distance traveled by truck or van used to transport your items. Generally, speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere between $400-$700 for an average-sized one-bedroom apartment move within the same city or region. This can vary based on your city and state.

What documents do I need when hiring a local mover?

Answer: When hiring a local mover, they must provide all necessary paperwork along with your contract, including proof of licensing and insurance information, to protect yourself against any potential liabilities that may arise during your move process.

Should I do anything before hiring my local mover?

Answer: Before signing contracts with a specific company, read through any terms and conditions associated with their services to avoid unwanted surprises later on down the line regarding hidden fees or surcharges that may apply after the job is finished.

Are local movers able to move specialty items such as pianos?

Answer: Many local movers are experienced in moving oversized and delicate items like pianos. It is essential to inform your local mover in advance about any particular items you may need them to transport so that they can make the necessary arrangements for a successful move.

What kind of payment methods do local movers accept?

Answer: Most local movers accept various payment methods, including cash, checks, and major credit cards. If a mover requires any upfront deposits or payments, they should be able to provide you with an itemized list detailing what will be charged at each stage of the moving process.

Does a local mover provide packing services?

Answer: Many local movers offer packing services as part of their packages, but it is only sometimes included in their introductory rate. It is essential to get the details regarding packing services ahead of time so that you know precisely what is expected of you when it comes time for the movers to arrive at your home on a moving day.

How long does it take for a refund from a local mover?

Answer: Refunds from most reputable local movers are typically processed within 7-14 business days after the move has been completed and all paperwork is submitted correctly. The exact timeline can vary depending on the policies and procedures established by the mover, so be sure to check beforehand if any specific stipulations are involved with requesting refunds from them in particular situations or circumstances.

What if something gets damaged while a local mover is moving my items?

Answer: If something gets damaged while your belongings are being transported by a professional mover, then you should contact them immediately and let them know about the incident right away so that they can address and resolve any claims or disputes associated with damages sustained during transit.

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