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There are a lot of moving companies in Cupertino, CA. As the home to tech mega-giant Apple, it’s no surprise that moving companies from around the Bay Area are hoping that if they invest enough money in advertising, they will be the next hot thing in Silicon Valley.

How is Fairprice Movers different from other Bay Area moving companies?

Fairprice Movers made a decision a long time ago to ignore the moving company rat race. The moving industry should not be about who can spend the most money. Unlike Apple and the rest of Silicon Valley, the moving industry is not about the next big technology. To be a truly successful moving company, you have to offer great service.

Sure, we have the most up to date scheduling software. Our database is top of the line. We offer video estimates and on-line consultations. The rest though? That hasn’t changed much since the advent of the internal combustion engine.

Running a successful moving company is, and always will be, about skill, strength, thoroughness, care, and great customer service. It’s really simple, yet why do so many Cupertino movers get it wrong?

Fairprice Movers’ key to being one of the best reviewed Cupertino movers

Yelp users love Fairprice Movers. So do Google users. It’s not easy to maintain a nearly perfect reputation in a market where people are rightfully discerning. Cupertino residents lead busy, productive lives. The last thing they want to stress over is moving.

At Fairprice Moving, we shoulder as much of that stress as possible. We offer fully customizable moving packages, whether you’re moving locally or long-distance.

What does Fairprice Moving do to help busy moving customers?

If you live in or near Cupertino, it’s sort of a given that you’re busy. You might work 80 hour weeks. If you have a family (or even if you don’t), that leaves virtually no time to pack for a move. Besides, who wants to be surrounded by moving boxes for weeks?

Don’t worry. Fairprice Movers has you covered. Give us just two or three days, and we can pack you, move you, and settle you into your new place. All for a lot less money than you might think.

How can Fairprice Movers save me money on my move?

Sometimes money is tight. We completely get it. We’ve all been there. Still, you need to move. Just let us know what your priorities are, and our Fairprice Movers moving/storage consultants will help you plan a move that’s within your budget. That might mean providing packing tips, or even advising you on items you can easily move yourselves.

Or…what if I’m somewhere in the middle?

The vast majority of Fairprice Movers’ customers want some hands-on participation in their move, like to sort through belongings before packing them, but they also want to save both time and money. Fairprice Movers can help. Maybe we can provide all the packing materials and pack breakables. Maybe we only pack electronics. It’s your move, literally. You tell us what to do.

What kind of moving services does Fairprice Movers offer?

Fairprice Movers is a full-service Cupertino, CA moving services/storage company. That means we move people anywhere within the Bay Area, within the State of California, and throughout the Continental United States.

We also offer some of the cleanest, most secure storage in the Bay Area. Unlike with all those self-storage companies, we do all the work. We protect all your furniture while it’s in our storage. We move it into storage, and when you’re ready, we deliver it to you. Also, you never pay for all that empty space like you do with self-storage.

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If you plan on shopping for movers in Cupertino in the near future, give Fairprice Movers a call. We think you’ll agree that we’re one of the friendliest, most thorough movers in Cupertino, CA.