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Campbell Movers

For a small town, Campbell, CA has a bit of everything. It sits on the edge of Silicon Valley, making it especially appealing for people who work in the tech industry. But at its heart, it’s a peaceful berg, a place for hard working people to escape their work lives and make a home. It’s also a pleasant drive through the Redwood Mountains and on to Santa Cruz.

Movers In Campbell

What we now know as Campbell’s charming downtown area began in 1848 as hay and grain land first planted by Benjamin Campbell. About 30 years later, Campbell sold an acre of land to the railroad for just $5.00 (roughly $150.00 in today’s dollars). From there, a town sprung up and local fruit growers began selling their goods to train travelers.

At Fairprice Movers, several of us live near Campbell. We love the small town vibe and the friendly atmosphere. Because we’re local there, we have a reputation to uphold. We love it when locals tap us on the shoulders, recalling their successful moves.

Campbell Moving Company

With a median home cost in Campbell of well more than $1 million, it’s safe to say that people have to work hard to maintain their lifestyles. We can help. We know that moving, even if you live in Campbell, is stressful and we see it as our job to take much of that stress off your shoulders. Let us do all the grunt work, which can include all the packing and even unpacking. Instead of taking weeks, our movers will do everything in 2-3 days.

Maybe you’re more the hands-on type and you want to take this opportunity to clear out the clutter. Let us deliver all the supplies you need, and if you need us to take a trip to the thrift store for you, we can do that too.

Give us a call. No matter what your Campbell moving or storage needs are, Fairprice Movers has you covered, and as the name implies, at a very fair price.