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If there’s one city that offers the best of nearly everything about the Bay Area, it has to be San Rafael. Located just across the Richmond/San Rafael Bridge, and a short hop from San Francisco by a nearby fairy or bus, San Rafael offers a lush, nature-filled escape from city life.

If you live in San Rafael, beach days are a short ride away. After the beach, shop at any of the chic boutiques and dine at one of San Rafael’s world-class restaurants. Most famously, though, San Rafael gave us Indiana Jones, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and Baby Yoda. It is where Star Wars creator George Lucas created Lucasfilm, which in turn created generations of iconic entertainment.

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Because of San Rafael’s auspicious entertainment history, the city has attracted video game developers from across the country, hoping for inspiration. It has worked. San Rafael has one of the largest concentrations of video game developers anywhere in the world, and not surprisingly, some even came from Lucas Productions.

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San Rafael Moving Company

Even by Bay Area standards, though, San Rafael is expensive. It’s median home cost is north of a million dollars. It goes without saying that San Rafael moving customers are busy, hard working, and demanding. They hire us to do it all. We pack for them. We move them. We unpack, and make it seem like we were never there, and the entire process takes just 1-3 days for local moves.

Not all our San Rafael customers go for the full boat, though. Some use the move as an opportunity to purge, to get rid of things they no longer use. Some just like to have control, and that’s fine. Fairprice Movers is happy to provide packing advice to any of our customers who ask. We even deliver the packing materials at no additional charge.