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Capitola Movers

If you were to ask most Americans where the oldest beach resort was in California, they’d likely answer something like Malibu or Santa Monica — a place where one might imagine meeting the Beach Boys back in the 1960s. They might be surprised to know that the oldest beach resort on the West Coast is right here in the Bay Area. It’s tiny little Capitola. Grab your board!

If you’re a little unsure, here are some classic beach town facts: Capitola is home to the junior lifeguard summer camp for literal Beach Boys (and Girls). In the summer of 1961, the town was attacked by birds. They were harmless, but the incident inspired the famous Alfred Hitchcock film “The Birds.” The very first condominium beach community was built in Capitola long before The Beach Boys, in 1924.

Movers In Capitola

As you might imagine, Capitola’s beaches make it a popular tourist destination for people from all over California and the United States.The beaches aren’t the only draw, though. Capitola’s downtown area is totally 21st century adorable!

You might guess that many of Fairprice Movers movers and staff love to visit Capitola on our days off. Yeah, we’re hard workers, but we also play hard, just like our Capitola customers. Some of our staff even live in Capitola and nearby Santa Cruz.

Capitola Moving Company

Even for laid-back beach dwellers, moving is a pain in the you know what. That’s where we come in. Let us do all the work for you while you get comfortable. Our expert packers will make sure that even your surfboard makes the move in one piece. We can move you up or down the coast, or maybe you want to give Florida waves a try.

Regardless, Fairprice Movers offers some of the best local and long-distance service in the industry for prices that are always fair. Give us a call! Also, if you happen to see one of us as you’re out and about, say hi!