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Just across the Bay Bridge from San Francisco, Berkeley is one of the most famous cities in the Bay Area, if not the entire state of California. Home to the oldest University of California campus, and perhaps its best known, Berkeley made its impact on the world stage in the late 1960s/early 1970s as the epicenter of the hippie movement and protests against the Vietnam War. Times have changed, and the city certainly has, but it has remained a force of political activism throughout California and the United States.

Movers In Berkeley

Like many college towns, Berkeley has a little of everything. Berkeley Hills offers an escape from the city down below, with sprawling landscapes and adjacent forest land. Berkeley offers a variety of architecture, from Victorian to Mid-Century Modern, although very little new construction. There is a variety of shopping, dining, and indoor and outdoor entertainment. Berkeley offers museums and a variety of live concert venues.

Despite the fact that the median Berkeley home is now valued at around $1.5 million, it is still a haven for artists, intellectuals and counter culturalists. Berkeley is consistently regarded as one of the most liberal cities in the nation.

Berkeley Moving Company

You don’t have to take a political stance to love Berkeley. At Fairprice Movers, we know we love it. The young energy is addictive. Berkeley is never boring. Moving in Berkeley isn’t boring either. Our Berkeley customers include everyone from college students to wealthy Bay Area business people. The hills and one-way streets can be a challenge, but one that we’re used to and fully equipped to handle.

Berkeley residents take advantage of all our services, including local movinglong-distance movingpacking and even unpacking. Call us no matter what your needs. Our moving consultants have a variety of cost-saving tips for those on a budget and tips for those whose time is money. See why our Berkeley and East Bay moving customers love us.