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Boulder Creek Local Movers

If the name Boulder Creek evokes images of the Old West, of California’s Gold Rush Days, you wouldn’t be completely wrong. Boulder Creek is a tiny little village in the midst of the redwood forest. Not surprisingly, it was founded as a logging town. That’s not all Boulder Creek is about, though.

Boulder Creek is part of Santa Cruz County. You could even call it a suburb of Santa Cruz, although Boulder Creek residents might disagree. Regardless of how you label the village, it has pretty much anything you could want.

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Movers In Boulder Creek

The forests and the creek and its charming old-style downtown area make you forget that you’re just minutes from what is sometimes called the intellectual capital of the world. Its proximity to Santa Cruz and the Pacific Ocean attracts surfers and boat enthusiasts. For those who can find a place to live among the 2,000 homes there, Boulder Creek is popular among people who work in nearby Silicon Valley.

Boulder Creek Moving Company

Its tiny size means Boulder Creek isn’t one of the most common moving destinations, but Fairprice Movers knows the area well. We are a regular fixture in Santa Cruz County. Some of us even live in Boulder Creek. We buy our coffee where you buy your coffee. We shop where you shop. We work hard to offer you the best possible service because we’d rather hold our heads high and look you in the eyes knowing we did a great job for you or your neighbor.

Our Boulder Creek clients are about as diverse as they come. Some move locally, just up the street. Some move within California and others out of state. Some are on a budget (we have a lot of cost-saving tips to offer) and some want us to pack and unpack for them. No matter what you want your move to look like, Fairprice Movers is ready.