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Alamo, California might not be the most famous Alamo in the nation. It wasn’t the famed site of a pivotal war battle, but it’s special in its own right. California’s Alamo is a peaceful village of less than 15,000 people. Alamo is so small that it’s not even an official town. It’s an unincorporated part of Contra Costa County.

You might think the village was named after the Texas Alamo we all “remember,” but it comes from the Spanish word álamo, which means “poplar,” for the trees lining the San Ramon Creek.

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Movers In Alamo

Like the poplar tree, Alamo’s roots are tough and strong. Despite its size, it’s home to a variety of Bay Area notables, including Golden State Warriors superstar and two time NBA Most Valuable Player, Stephen Curry, Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis and billionaire CEO of Workday, Inc. David Duffield.

You’d be right in thinking that Alamo is a prosperous community. The median home cost is close to $2 million. Alamo doesn’t have a business center to speak of. People move there to escape the stresses of city life. Its places of interest are city parks and sports fields.

Alamo Moving Company

At Fairprice Movers, we get it. Our Bay Area moving customers come to us to escape the stresses of moving. Our Alamo customers (some famous, most not) value our time and headache-saving packing and unpacking services.

We love the small town feeling of Alamo. We feel at home there because we are at home there, even if it’s only metaphorically. We don’t want to be one of the big guys in the moving industry. We like knowing our customers by their first names. We like when they know our first names. Call us to plan your local East Bay move or your long-distance move. We think you’ll feel right at home.