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Are Moving Companies ‘Essential’ And Other Pandemic Questions

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As the Covid-19 Coronavirus continues its upward trend throughout the country, states are taking extreme measures to try to contain it. In California, all but “essential” businesses are temporarily closed. What does that mean for your upcoming move?

Is a moving company “essential?”

As of now, yes, a moving company is essential. Fairprice Movers will continue to operate for as long as we can. We are a small company. It’s important we stay open for our employees. We are taking all precautions to keep you and our employees healthy, including sending anyone home who has so much as a sniffle.

Is a storage company “essential?”

For the time being, storage companies are also considered essential. As long as we are open, our warehouse will be open. We do suggest, though, that you let us handle the pickup and delivery.

What can you do to keep your family safe?

The best way to keep safe is still the most basic, and that’s to wash hands often. Keep hand soap at all sinks, and please let the movers use it. If possible, keep your doors open, so movers don’t have to touch the doorknobs. Try to place disinfectant wipes by the doors. Turn lights on in dark rooms.

If you plan to offer the movers lunch, please offer things like individually wrapped sandwiches instead of items like shared pizzas.

How to prepare for your move

One of the few upsides to the pandemic is that you’ll have time to organize and perhaps pack. We don’t recommend buying used boxes. They can carry the virus and other germs.

What happens if someone in your household gets sick?

If you even think someone in your household is sick, please postpone your move if you can. There might be times where postponing is impossible. Talk to us if that’s the case, and we will try to work with you by bringing extra protective materials, such as shrink wrap. It’s best if the family could move out of the house several days before, so any remaining virus has time to die from surfaces. You could instruct the movers remotely and we might be able to handle all the paperwork via email.

We are all in uncharted territory, but we are trying our best to help flatten the curve.

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