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How To Move A Hoarder

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Perhaps you’re a landlord who has a hoarder tenant, or perhaps you have a parent who’s accumulated a lifetime of stuff, and hesitates to get rid of anything. Whatever the situation, if you are dealing with a hoarder, moving can be exceptionally difficult.

What Not to do

If you are moving a hoarder, the last thing you want to do is make them feel horrible. Hoarding is about much deeper issues than just being a slob. Accusations and confrontation can make the situation worse. Be as patient and understanding as possible.

You also don’t want to hire a mover, at least not at first. Movers need room to work, and you while not all hoarders collect trash, you don’t want to put a mover in an unsanitary situation.

What to do

Get Help

Odds are, you’re too emotionally involved to properly handle a hoarding situation. You’ll want to call for help. There are social workers and counselors who specialize in hoarding. You can find a specialist here. You will likely find some pushback from the hoarder, and the counselor or therapist may ask for your help if the hoarder is a family member.

The next step is to hire a trash removal service. They specialize in unsanitary situations. They will bring trucks and dumpsters to help with the clearing process. Even if the hoarder’s home is relatively sanitary, it’s a good idea to hire the trash removal service, unless everything is in good condition.

Once You’ve Cleaned the Debris

If you’ve cleaned out the debris, and you have a sanitary home with room to work, it’s time to call a mover. They will be happy to pack things up. If there’s still too much stuff, the mover can move the additional items into storage for as long as you need. The movers can also make a stop at a local thrift store, but be sure to contact the thrift store first to make sure they take the items you want to drop off. Many don’t take upholstered furniture.

If some items are valuable, and you don’t want to hold on to them, you can contact an auction house or a consignment store. Your mover can help you transport the goods.

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