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How To Move A Parent In With You

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There is little in life that’s more heartbreaking than watching your parents getting older. For many, there’s a point where they need more help, and the only way you can offer it is to have your parents (or parent) move in with you. This can be particularly tough if you still have children living at home.

Whether the decision to move your parents in with you is planned or sudden, there are ways a moving company can help, and things you should consider.

Where Will They Stay?

Depending on how much care your parents need, they’ll probably want at least some autonomy. In an ideal world, your home will be set up with an in-law suite or separate unit, that has its own living area, sleeping area, kitchen or kitchenette, and full bathroom.

For most Americans, that’s simply not an option, so they opt instead for an extra bedroom. If you can, have your parent stay on the main floor, since stairs might be a challenge. If that’s not possible, look into a stair lift. Be sure to make safety accommodations like anti-slip shower bottoms and a bar in the tub or shower. A walk-in tub is wonderful for seniors with mobility issues.


A lifetime of accumulation can mean a lot of stuff, likely more than you want to pack, and certainly more than your parents can handle. Odds are, you can’t fit everything in your home. Go through everything with your parents. Digitize old papers and photographs. Perhaps some old clothing with sentimental value can be turned into a quilt. Let your parents take as much of their furniture as your home can handle. They’ll feel a bit more at home if you include something of theirs in the common living areas. Donate as much as you can.


Packing for a parent can be a challenge. Let the moving company handle the packing for you. We can also unpack, so your parents can feel right at home right away.


If there are items that won’t fit in your home, your mover can store them.

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