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How To Unpack If You’re A Germaphobe

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We hear a lot in recent weeks about how to keep your home safe from intruders, and we aren’t talking about the two legged kind. We’ve been hit by a viral pandemic, and the whole world is rightfully concerned about how to keep the virus out of their home.

If you are reading this after the virus is under control, whew, it’s over, but our lives are forever changed in that we’re likely all more aware of keeping germs out of our homes. Or, maybe you were a germaphobe to begin with. As for your move, you’re taking all the precautions. You’re washing your hands, often. You’re working on sanitized surfaces. We bet You’re using new boxes. You’re only packing clean clothes and dishes (yeah, it’s happened). And you know we are taking every single precaution we can to ensure your health and safety.

What about the new place, though? Has it been completely sanitized? Who walked through it last, and when? Of course, you want to get over there to clean it first, but there are times when it’s impossible. Here are some tips on safely moving into your new home.

Sanitize the kitchen and bath

Grab some disinfectant cleanser, not the natural kind that we all love, but the harsh kind, like bleach, alcohol, or Clorox or Lysol wipes. Let every surface in your kitchen and bathroom get good and wet from the cleanser, and let it dry. Spray down light switches and doorknobs.

Where to put the boxes

If possible, have the movers bring the boxes in through the garage. If you can, leave them in the garage. The virus can live on cardboard for about 24 hours, so if you can leave them in the garage for that long, you should be fine. As for what’s in the boxes, it can live for up to three days. If you can heat your garage, all the better. If your garage is humid, you could consider purchasing a dehumidifier. The boxes do need room to breathe, though, so keep that in mind as they’re being moved into the garage.

As for your furniture, we will shrink-wrap everything and take all the shrink-wrap back with us to be thrown away.

For the things you need to unpack right away

For the items you can’t wait three days to pack: Run everything you can through the dishwasher. Wash everything else in the sink. Wash all bedding. It’s a good idea to do all of that after every move.

Disclaimer: We are not doctors or scientists of any kind. Please refer to the CDC or the WHO for the latest in scientific research.

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