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The most expensive and least expensive homes in top 10 moving destinations

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This last year or so has been crazy for the real estate market, and in turn, the moving industry. At Fairprice Moving, we’ve moved people throughout California and Pennsylvania, but we also moved hundreds of people out of our home states. It seems we weren’t alone. In 2020, a near record number of people moved, and a lot of them to the same destinations. 

A moving destination can be popular for a number of reasons. Perhaps people are moving closer to family, or a job. Maybe the cost of living is more manageable, or perhaps the climate suits more people (although it’s hard to imagine a climate better than the Bay Area’s). One thing we’ve noticed, though, is that real estate prices seem to be climbing everywhere, including in the places that are considered more affordable. 

We’ve decided to put together a list of the least and most expensive homes in the top 10 moving destinations. You’ll probably notice that each moving destination is in a sunny, warm part of the country, with one possible exception: Denver, Colorado. Please note that these are current listings and the ultimate sales price could be very different. 

Las Vegas, NV

Depending upon whom you speak to, Las Vegas is either the land of glitz and glam or it’s something a little, shall we say, less. The real estate offerings in Vegas seem to back that up. On one end of the spectrum, we have a very affordable property that needs some work, but we also have some that put 

Lowest price

At around 837 square feet, this two bedroom/one bath at $149,900 is a bargain, even if it does need some work.

Highest price

At more than $27 million, this 57,000 square foot home puts most Bay Area properties to shame. Complete with horse stables, an air conditioned car museum that’s able to hold more than 100 cars, tennis courts and a zoo, one has to wonder if this house was owned by Vegas royalty such as Wayne Newton or Ziegfried and Roy. Don’t forget to bring your private jet. The compound has its own hangar and terminal. 

Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix has long been a popular destination for those looking to escape California. Fortunately, you can find homes in all price ranges. 

Lowest price

A person doesn’t have to be rich to move to Phoenix. This three bedroom/two bath is modest but at just $100,000 for 1,580 square feet, you can turn the home into your dream home and it will still be cheaper than most Bay Area properties.

Highest price

Modest in price compared to Las Vegas, this gorgeous five bedroom/seven bath home is a relative bargain at less than $10 million. With incredible views, a dedicated home gym and a negative edge pool, this new subdivision looks like it has wealthy Californians in mind. 

Denver, CO

Denver is the only city on the top 10 list that’s not part of the sun belt. That said, Denver gets over 300 days of sun per year, so even though it gets its share of snow and cold, you can almost bet it will be gone in a few days.

Lowest price

Denver hardly has a bad part of town, so if you buy this 875 square foot two bedroom one bath, you can’t go too far wrong. The sellers are asking just $219,000 for a house that admittedly needs a lot of work, but if you’re handy, you can easily double your money. 

Highest price

This $7 million 11 bedroom/6.5 bath 12,500 square foot home is full of history. It was once owned by a Denver socialite. If $7 million seems a bit out of your price range, you can rent out parts of the home or even turn it into an event center.

Austin, TX

Despite the motto, “Keep Austin Weird,” it almost seems as if Texas’ most liberal city is growing up. There are homes to be found in all price ranges. Don’t worry, most have air conditioning. 

Lowest price

It might need a little work to bring it up to your standards, but a four bedroom/two bath home for just $240,000 is a bargain in most cities. 

Highest price

Perched on a hill with breathtaking lake views, this six bedroom/8.5 bath home on nearly 14 acres almost seems like a bargain at $12,999,000.

Atlanta, GA

When I think of Atlanta, I think of long lazy summer days languishing in the shade. Atlanta is also a cultural and economic hub, winter or summer. More affordable than the Bay Area, it’s no wonder people are moving there in droves. 

Lowest price

As a foreclosure, this three bedroom/two bath home comes with some risk, but at $65,279, you can’t go too far wrong, especially if you’re handy. The 1,600 square foot home is made of brick and it sits on a generous .4 acre lot. 

Highest price

Coming from the Bay Area, it might surprise you that the current most expensive house for sale in Atlanta is priced at “just” $10 million. With six bedrooms and 8.5 baths on a two acre lot, this home has a wellness area, plenty of outdoor living and a true chef’s kitchen. 

Houston, TX

The largest city in Texas, as you might imagine, is full of variety. Houston has about anything a person might want, except perhaps for moderate summer temperatures. 

Lowest price

This two bedroom/two bath 720 square foot home is perfect for a flipper or someone who’s handy. 

Highest price

Listed at $1.00 below $30 million, this enormous 26,400 square foot eight bedroom/8.5 bath  home on a 2.33 acre lot looks like something that might belong to a Saudi prince or the Vatican. 

Orlando, FL

Close to Disney World and located in Central Florida, Orlando is one of the hottest moving destinations. 

Lowest price

This two bedroom/two bath home has a lot of privacy, it’s move in ready, and best of all, they’re only asking $72,900. 

Highest price

For just $12,950,000, you can invest in 2010’s Orlando Parade of Homes winner. With nine bedrooms/9.5 baths, this 11,565 home near Disney World will make you popular with all your friends, and likely with people you don’t even know. Fortunately, as the home sits on 13 acres, you might never have to see your guests…or neighbors. 

Dallas, TX

Once known for cowboys, oil and cattle, Dallas still offers those, but it’s also a home to banking and tech. It’s becoming a go-to destination for people in all fields. 

Lowest price

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you can purchase a two bedroom/one bath home in Dallas for less than $100,000. Built in 1955, this home needs some sweat equity before it will offer you some real equity.

Highest price

This $12,900,000 lavish nine bedroom/12.5 bath estate offers a gourmet kitchen, a wine room, a home theater, a game room and a billiard room. Its 30 foot ceilings offer a true grand entrance.

San Antonio, TX

San Antonio is one of Texas’ biggest tourist destinations. With its world-famous Riverwalk and world class dining and shopping, it’s no wonder people are moving to San Antonio in droves. 

Lowest price

If you are willing to put the work in, you can buy this two bedroom/one bath home for just $35,000. It will take time before it’s ready to move into, but it’s not like you’ll go house poor from the mortgage in the meantime. 

Highest price

At $7.5 million, this three bedroom/6.5 bath estate seems like a bargain. It sits on over 12 acres and its infinity pool directly overlooks downtown San Antonio and the Texas hills. 

Tampa, FL

Located in Central Florida and close to Disney World, Tampa is growing in popularity. Still, there are bargains to be found. 

Lowest price

If you have $100k in cash and are ready to take on a project, this two bedroom/one bath possible hoarder house is nothing but opportunity. 

Highest price

Not all homes in Tampa are inexpensive. This Medeterranian villa has eight bedrooms and 9.5 baths and sprawls over its acre lot. With a gym, a chef’s kitchen and pretty much everything else you’d expect to find at this price range, you can be the envy of Tampa Bay. 

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