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This One Simple Thing Can Turn Your Move From Disaster To Near Perfect

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Despite the somewhat up and down reputation of the moving industry as a whole, the vast majority of customers are happy, at least when they choose a company with a decent reputation. There are always exceptions, though, but you can help ensure that your moving experience will be a good one by doing this one simple thing: Read your estimate.

Maybe that sounds a little silly. Of course you’re going to read your estimate, right? You want to read more than just the bottom line, though. We recommend you go through it, if not with a fine toothed comb, at least fairly thoroughly.


The most important part of your moving estimate is the inventory. If your move is large enough to require an on-site estimate (usually at least two bedrooms), your moving quote should include a comprehensive inventory of everything that’s being moved. Before deciding on a mover, double check that list. If items are left off, it could end up costing you a lot more money on moving day, and you’ll have little recourse.

Description of Services

Make sure everything is included in the services. Most moves are from point A to point B, but some include an additional stop. If you have special items like a pool table, a piano, art, etc., make sure that’s all included.

If you are moving long-distance, and your front door is a good distance from where the truck will park, ask about that. You could be charged for a long-carry, and in situations where a large semi-truck can’t fit anywhere near the front door, you might have to incur a shuttle charge, which involves transferring everything into smaller trucks.

If there is a gap in time between when you have to move out and when you can move in, there could be additional shuttle and storage charges.

Scope of Services

Is the mover packing for you? Are you packing all the boxes? What about all the awkward items like mattresses, pictures on the walls, and electronics?

There is more to a moving estimate, and a moving contract (or bill of lading), but if you follow the above advice, you can be sure that you and your mover are on the same page.

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