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There Are A Lot Of Options For Moving — Why Should You Choose A Full-Service Mover?

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Until relatively recently, there were basically two options when it came to moving: hire professional movers or do it yourself. Today it might strike you that it seems there are more moving options than there are people moving. Many are a variation on moving yourself and some are like a light version of professional movers, such as companies that move you with storage containers. Let’s talk about the options you have so you can see what might be best for you.

Freight and storage container moving vs. professional mover

Somewhere around the turn of the 21st Century, a freight hauling company decided to get into the moving industry. For them, it made a lot of sense. Rather than letting freight containers go half empty, they made the smart business decision of filling their empty space with household goods. A few years later, companies some companies scaled down the containers for dedicated long and short-term storage options that can be moved locally or long-distance. When compared to full service household movers, there are advantages and disadvantages:

What are the advantages to storage and freight container moving?


The cost of freight container moving can be cheaper than full service movers, but that’s not always the case.

Straightforward pricing

You pay for the amount of space you use based on the number of miles the shipment travels.

Several days to load

With both freight and storage container moving, you will have a few days to load and unload your container.

Quick delivery

Since they won’t have to stop at several homes along the way, delivery can be quicker than with a full service mover.

What are the disadvantages to storage and freight container moving?

No control over container mates

With freight containers, you will likely share space (with a plywood wall between you) with a freight shipment. Most are fine, but occasionally, your household goods might share space with undesirables. I know of one such situation where a person’s shipment, including their mattress and sofa, shared a car with a load of garlic. As you can imagine, the smell was overwhelming.

This would not be an issue with storage container moving.

Pricing assumes you’re loading and unloading container

Freight container companies are not moving companies. They will not be able to load and unload the container for you, although they can usually contract that work out. We receive several calls a day from container hauling customers asking for our help.

Very basic valuation coverage

Basic “insurance” coverage is just $.10 per pound per article. Full service moving companies are required to carry six times that amount. You can purchase full coverage insurance with both types of companies.

Gig “movers” vs. professional movers

It’s 2021 and we are in a gig economy. It’s no surprise that the moving industry isn’t immune. We love gig movers, but they aren’t full service movers.

What are the advantages to gig movers compared to professional movers?

Great for small moves

If you need to move a sofa across town or if you have a really tiny apartment, a gig mover might work for you, but please note that most don’t have large moving trucks. They have pickup trucks and vans.

Relatively inexpensive

Gig movers tend to have short minimums, which means if your “move” takes an hour, you’ll likely only pay for an hour.

Can help load and unload from a containerized move

If you moved locally or long-distance with a container company, a gig mover can help you load and unload.

What are the disadvantages to gig movers?

Not full service movers

Gig movers are rarely expert packers and movers.

Small trucks

Gig movers have very small trucks and vans. If you have anything larger than a one bedroom, they probably aren’t the best option for you.

You might be surprised that in many cases, Fairprice Movers can match or even beat the prices of containerized or gig movers. Give us a call for a free quote.

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