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How To De-Stress During Your Move

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We moved into our house five years ago. The idea of moving again is about the least appealing thing in the world, and I work for a company that can do almost everything for me!

Moving is stressful. Even when Fairprice Movers packs everything for you and unpacks you at your new place, there’s a sense of complete upheaval. Any sort of change is stressful, but changing the place you call home, the place you go to de-stress, adds another element altogether. Fortunately, there are ways to de-stress.


Try not to put your move off till the last minute. Unless you hire us to pack for you, you will have a lot of packing. Most people wildly underestimate the amount of stuff they have. On average, you’ll need to pack about 20-25 boxes per room of your home. The number will vary greatly, though, depending on how many people live there, how much of a collector you are and how long you’ve lived there. Try to give yourself enough time that you can pack a relatively easy two. Try not to make it so you have to pack more than five boxes a day.

Have us deliver the boxes for you

You might think you’ll save a lot of money hitting up grocery stores and neighbors for used boxes, but think of all the time you’ll spend finding those free boxes, especially since you’ll need to make multiple trips unless you have a truck.

The other problem with used boxes is they often come damaged, and the damage is sometimes hard to see.

Have us pack for you

Remember, your time is valuable. You’ll save days to weeks of time, and you might even save money in the long run.


If you’re new to meditation, start your day with 10 minutes of quiet. Sit or lie in a comfortable position. Close your eyes, especially if the room is filled with boxes, and focus on your breathing. Listen to soft music if it helps clear your mind. Whenever you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed, take a 10 minute meditation break.

Eat well and exercise

Now is not the time to stop taking care of yourself. Continue your exercise program. Take a daily walk if you aren’t used to exercising. Keep lots of healthy foods on hand, like fruit and cut up veggies.


Essential oils are steeped in controversy, but one essential oil has the backing of science. A lavender capsule can have the same effect as an anti-anxiety pill, but with fewer side effects. You can also use lavender in a diffuser or humidifier, or in lotion form.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Naturally, Fairprice Movers is here to help with your packing, but don’t be afraid to ask friends to help with other things. A lot of us have generous friends, but we hesitate to ask them to risk their backs. They don’t have to. If your friends want them to help reduce your stress, ask them to cook some meals for you, or perhaps run an errand or two. I had good friends help me clean after our move out.

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