Moving Checklist

We like our customers to be fully educated and prepared for their moves! Here is our Moving Checklist of helpful reminders and tips for your move day.

If you have questions about any of these points, please don’t hesitate to ask,were always here to help! We dislike surprises as much as you do!:

*Remember we have a 3 hour minimum on labor (travel does not count toward this), if you use 2.5 hours or less, you still pay for 3 hours. After you reach 3 hours, we count in 30 minute increments at half the per hour rate, so that you only pay for the hours of labor you use.

*If your sales person told you there is a charge for travel time, it is the time between the two points of your move, times two, at the same rate as the labor rate you’re being charged, this is called double drive time. San Francisco Moves have a ½ hour flat rat fee for travel. Moves outside of San Franscisco may incur additional travel fees.

*If your move is 20 miles or more between the two points for your move, 8% gas surcharge will be added to the total of your move. San Francisco Moves have a flat rate fee of $15 for fuel. Moves outside of San Francisco may incur additional fuel fees.

*Materials are additional per use. You may request a materials price sheet from your moving representative prior to the move. If you would like, you can provide your own and we’ll use them free of charge to protect and pack your items.

*If you are packing your own loose items into boxes, please make sure they are all taped up to save time and cost of tape for these boxes. It is ok to use plastic bins, suitcases, and some bags. Please do not make them too heavy for our movers.

*Clearly mark your boxes as to which side is up, and if they are fragile, and most important, which room they need to go into at the new place.

*If your old or new place has stairs, please empty out all dresser drawers and filing cabinets into boxes and tape up to make furniture less heavy to move. This can reduce the amount of wear and tear on furniture, and the difficulty of moving a heavy piece of furniture carefully through your properties without damage.

*We bring FREE wardrobe boxes for you to use during the move, you can leave all hanging clothes in the closets for us to move. We bring 10 per move, each holds approximately 20 pieces of clothing, for a total capacity of 200 pieces of clothing per move, if you need more there is a small fee per additional box. Wardrobe boxes are only for clothes.

*We bring tools and do FREE disassembly/reassembly of your furniture as needed, you can leave your furniture assembled, and we can help when we get there, or you can disassemble yourself to save time. Please note that bunk beds are laborious and time consuming, so they may add to the time of your move, and for liability reasons we will NOT disassemble and reassemble baby cribs. We can help unhook and rehook up washers and dryers, but we do not take liability for them, as this is not our specialty. We can also help unmount tvs, but we don’t mount tvs, ask us for a recommendation on a good company to use for this.

*If you live in a place with difficult parking, please try to save our truck a spot so that we don’t have to take longer to carry items from your door to the truck. Avoid grumpy neighbors by letting them know the time frame you’ll have the truck blocking any driveways or garages so that they are prepared. Moving the truck multiple times during the move to let neighbors in and out of their parking spaces will add to the time of your move and cost you more.

*If we get a parking ticket, as a courtesy to you we will pay for the first $50 of the ticket, the remaining balance is your responsibility. It is your responsibility to provide adequate parking at the pick up and destination address.

*We need to know well before your move if the complex you live in has requirements of us as a moving company. We are happy to review and sign moving waivers, as well as provide proof of insurance as needed. If you need a certificate of insurance naming the complex as additional insured for the move day, there will be an additional administrative fee for this.

*We never try to cause damage to your property or your belongings, but accidents can always happen. By law we carry FREE cargo insurance. Cargo insurance does not cover damage to walls, floors, windows, or other fixtures of your property. It does cover all items we packed or crated for you WHILE IN TRANSIT, not items we didn’t pack or crate, up to 60 cents per pound per item if there is damage, EXCLUDING PRESSED WOOD FURNITURE!!!!. Since this isn’t enough to repair or replace most valuable items, we always recommend you contact your renters insurance, homeowners insurance, or a third party company, to look into getting an additional policy for your move to cover your valuables and your property.

*We don’t take a deposit for your move unless it’s considered a long distance (currently unavailable service) move, or a last minute move (within 24 hours of the move date), if we do take a deposit it is non-refundable/non-transferrable, and will be for 3 hours minimum at the per our rate of labor, plus credit card processing fees. If a move is over $800 total, we reserve the right to request full upfront payment via credit card or cash before we unload the truck. You can pay at the end of the move in cash, check, or credit card (3% processing fee or 5% for American Express cards). Check bounce fees are $50 to cover bank fees and administrative fees.

*At times we will offer special per hour rates for moves, or a discount as advertised on one of the review sites we work with, please understand that in order to pay for operating costs, there is a limit of one discount per move, and they can not be combined.

*Note that at the end of the move there may be some waste or recycle leftover, it is the client’s responsibility to dispose or recycle the left over materials as necessary, or per your complex’s requirements.

*It is custom to tip the guys 15-20% if you are totally satisfied with the job they did for you. They work very hard, and appreciate being tipped. For a long hard move, they will need to ask for breaks as needed as well as lunch breaks, they will stop the clock for that time, and restart at the end of their breaks. If you choose to provide them with food and beverages that definitely helps cut down the time of their breaks and especially lunch breaks on long moves, but of course is never expected.

*Payment can be made at the end of the move in cash(no discount), check (no discount), or credit card (3% processing fee or 5% for American express).

Thank you for reviewing these key points regarding your upcoming move! Please don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any questions.