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No Question Is Too Dumb — Some Of The Weirdest Questions Customers Have Asked

Home » No Question Is Too Dumb — Some Of The Weirdest Questions Customers Have Asked
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Any business that has stood the test of time has stories of weird questions customers have asked. We suspect, though, that movers might have a few more, simply because we spend more time face to face with customers, in their homes, than most business people do.

Of course, there are no stupid questions, and all names will be omitted to protect our customers’ privacy, but there were certainly some questions that made us giggle:

Why do My Movers Hate Me?

This question came after a particularly grueling day. It was hot, the elevator broke down for an hour, and there were some last minute additions to the move. At that point, the movers simply wanted to get the job done. Their faces may have been stern, but it was out of sheer determination. Ironically, this particular customer was a delight. The movers didn’t hate her at all.

Can You Move My Wallace, My Snake?

Once again, not a stupid question. Unfortunately, we can’t move any pets, even the more common four-legged kinds. They are best moved in the car.

Can My Child Ride in Your Truck?

Kids love big trucks. Who can blame them, they are a lot of fun. However, for liability reasons, we are not allowed to carry passengers in the truck.

Why Do I Need to Hire a Mover When I Can Move Myself?

That’s actually a very good question, and the answer is, you can move yourself. Hiring a moving company is like any other service, though. You pay a little (you’d be surprised at how little) extra for the convenience. When you add in the massages or chiropractic appointments you’ll need after moving yourself, it probably about evens out, with a lot less stress on your shoulders.

Can You Take Apart This _________________?

If the disassembly is simple, such as a bed or some table legs, we’ll absolutely take that apart for you. If it took you several hours, instructions (which have since been lost), and an entire tool kit to put it together, it’s best left to people who do that for a living. We might be able to help you find that person, though.

Why is there a Window of Time for Arrival?

We always provide a window of time, just to cover us in case of traffic or if there’s a hold up at our warehouse. Afternoon moves typically have a longer window because we’ll arrive after the morning move.

What if it Rains?

That is definitely not a stupid question. Rain happens. It happens a lot in Bay Area winters. We always prepare ourselves with lots of plastic wrap and booties to protect your floors.

Can You Tune My Piano for Me?

Sorry, but you wouldn’t want us to do that. We recommend always tuning your piano after a move.

Can’t You Just Keep My Stuff on Your Truck for a Few Days?

It’s more common than you might imagine that customers need to be out of their old place before they can move into their new one. We might be able to store your items on our truck for a single night, but beyond that, we’ll move it into our storage.

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