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10 Hilarious Moving Fails, And Why You Should Hire Pros

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Unless you’re moving out of your parents’ home for the very first time, there’s a good chance you’ve had your share of moving fails. Perhaps you broke a favorite piece of decor, or you injured your back. Trust us when we say you aren’t alone. Social media is filled with moving fails. Here are just a few:

1. Uber is great. We use them too, but not for moving.

2. Measure, especially with sofas.

3. WTA… How did this happen?

4. Not looking good there.

5. That’s one way not to do it.

6. You think they got their deposit back?

7. ‘A’ for effort, dude.

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Don’t be like this guy. Leave it to the pros and let us do the heavy lifting!

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8. You might have a bit of a problem here.

9. Mad skills. The question is are they buying more stuff?

10. Boxing yourself into a corner.

Seriously, save yourself some headaches (backaches, money, etc) and hire Fairprice Movers to get the job done right.

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