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In many metropolitan areas, living near a major airport is seen as a liability. The closer a home is, the lower the property value. Given the cost of living in the Bay Area, it’s hardly a surprise that the property near San Francisco Airport is in many ways more desirable than cities further away.

It’s not a surprise if you think about it. Burlingame is perfectly situated to suit almost everyone. Its proximity to the airport has made it a popular location for biotech companies. It’s recently become very popular with candy manufacturers. We sometimes call it “Chocolate Row.” If you don’t make your living in biotech or chocolate, Burlingame is a short hop to any number of San Francisco and Silicon Valley companies.

Movers In Burlingame

You know what they say about too much work and not enough play, which is another of the reasons people live in Burlingame. Located right on the Bay and along several creeks, Burlingame is perfect for water sports enthusiasts and people who enjoy a good hike or day on the beach. Did we mention that the downtown area is adorable? No wonder Burlingame is listed as the most livable city in San Mateo County.

Over the years, we at Fairprice Movers have gotten to know the city and its people pretty well. Hardly a week goes by when we aren’t called to move someone to Burlingame or from one Burlingame residence to another. Sometimes we even move people from Burlingame to other states, although we can’t imagine why.

Burlingame Moving Company

Whether looking for a Burlingame local mover or long distance (currently unavailable service) mover, Fairprice Movers offers customized moving packages that specifically cater to your needs. If time is your enemy, let us pack and unpack for you. Your time is pretty valuable, after all. If you want to pack yourself, that’s okay. Just let us know when you’d like us to drop off all the boxes and packing materials you need.

Give us a call. We’re sure you’ll be impressed and you’ll see why the majority of our customers come from referrals and repeat business.